Ghost of Old Train Station Haunts Alimo Restaurant


Whitstable’s Moroccan restaurant is serving up spine-chilling suppers with the help of two resident ghosts.

 Alimo is located in what used to be the old train station under the railway bridge in Oxford Street. While the station moved up the road in 1915, it seems not everything – nor everyone – moved with it.

 A Frenchman named Joseph who worked at the old station in the 1800s can still be heard walking along the old platform upstairs along with his son.

 “It is very weird,” says chef Mo Elassri. “Upstairs is just a loft now, there’s nothing there but you hear these footsteps, and then a hand dryer will switch on by itself.Often Ali has felt a presence behind him, a strange feeling as if some being follows you down the corridor. We just say, there goes Joseph again.”

 Alimo isn’t the only building to experience paranormal activity in the town whose most famous resident was Peter Cushing. Michael Knowles, the nutrition shop along the High Street, reported floating tea bags last year.

 “Joseph isn’t a scary ghost,” says Mo. “His presence is actually quite comforting in a strange way.” So much so, the restaurant is inviting Joseph to dinner – on Halloween.

 To celebrate its spiritual side, Alimo is putting together a suitably spooky menu with spicy pumpkins and ghoulish green shermoula sauces infusing the traditional cuisine.

 “I don’t think we’ll be reserving a table for Joseph but I’m sure he’ll be floating around,” said Ali Achou , the other half of Alimo. “If you see a door opening or closing and no one around, that’ll be Joseph.”

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Photo caption: Ali & Mo Search for Joseph 


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