Ali, Alimo front of house
Mo the Alimo chef

Alimo Restaurant.
Taste Morocco, Spain and the Mediterranean.


The Beginning.

Ali Ouachou and Mo Elassri (chef) opened Alimo nearly two years ago, aiming to give Kent it’s best and most popular Moroccan food.

Coming together was great fortune because we’re both really passionate about Moroccan food, Andalusia dishes like Paella, and the wonderful tastes of the Mediterranean.” said Mo.

For more than a year and a half they’ve been mixing the taste of the Mediterranean – fresh fish and meat Spanish paellas, slow roasted lamb in Moroccan tajines, as well as taking inspiration and ideas from other sunny regions’s food.

Ali and Mo met in Canterbury High Street in 1989 and became firm friends because of food and their second love, football; they started a 5-aside Moroccan all stars football team. Starting a first rate restaurant seemed obvious.

The Food

Moroccan food has it’s roots in Middle Eastern cuisine but has developed specialities of it’s own, including the unique tajines, loved all over the world.
Fertile land in the north means a tradition of fresh vegetables and fruit always being used, and the Mediterranean seafood is abundant and freshly landed.

This need for fresh ingredients makes Kent very suitable for supplying the restaurant and the variety of local, high quality producers is made use of.

It’s all about taste enhanced by quality enhanced ingredients,” says Mo. “But fortunately most of the time we don’t have to go too far. Mostly the ingredients are from the local butchers and grocers. We want to support the local shops unless there’s special ingredients we need to buy in elsewhere.

You will also find a Spanish influence with Paellas from Andalucia and sauces from Catalonia, and elsewhere.

Mo cooks and Alimo serves traditional Moroccan food made more exciting by borrowing the best of other dishes and making them better for your enjoyment.